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5 stars all the way! we called Dave of A.A.I. golf cart transport on our drive up to look at a cart we were interested in purchasing. He gave us info on his rates, and said to call him back if we end up getting the cart and he will meet us at the location to pick it up and drive it to our house (about 45 min away!), reassuring us he would be available and ready to provide his service. So we saw the cart, loved it, bought it, and called Dave back. He said to give him 45 min to meet us, and thats just what he did, but he went way beyond what we anticipated! Before hitching the golf cart onto his truck, he did a thorough walk-thru with us of the batteries, how to maintain them, how often to check on them, checked the wheels, explained the steps to register the cart and make it “street legal” if we wanted to, answered all our questions — so many details that we appreciated as we have never owned a golf cart before! So Dave really went above and beyond, he is so knowledgable, honest, and really provided us with a great beginners education on the cart. He then followed us on the 45 min drive to our house, and even went as far as to assist one of our neighbors who also just bought a golf cart and had some questions about his tires!!! Dave went across the street and checked it out for him. Really just beyond great customer service, and so easy and hassle-free. You must use Dave whenever you need to transport your golf cart! He goes all over the place and will really provide you with peace of mind. We were about to rent a truck from home depot, try to get a hitch, etc. and we are SO GLAD WE DIDN’T! Don’t go through the headache, call Dave and let him provide you with his excellent service. Highly recommend!!!

Natasha Lynn


I use them for seasonal transport of our 6 person golf cart from Singer Island to Wellington and they always provide consistent, quality service. Accommodating and responsible, would recommend them! jeff jakimtschuk


5-Star Service! I’ve used this company on multiple occasions to transport my 8-seater Golf Cart and every time has been a 5-star experience! Dave is extremely professional, reliable, and helpful! I will continue to do business with this company and i would recommend any golf cart owners in south Florida who needs transportation services to do the same! Fred Johnson


Dave was great! I called him in the morning to see if he can pick up a cart in a few hours that I was buying from Hollywood to Miami. Not only did he show up when he said he was, he gave me information on everything the golf cart I was buying had. Truly amazing. You don’t find people like Dave that genuinely want to help others. I will highly recommend Dave to anyone that needs their golf cart transported!!! Thanks again!!! Michael Hernandez

I need to transport my newly purchased rebuilt golf cart from my home to the inspection site. Dave explained the steps I needed to complete before the inspection. He arrived at my home on time and transported the golf cart to the weigh station before the inspection appointment. He noticed some technical flaws I would never have caught. He contacted the seller to point out the flaws. When the cart failed the inspection (lack of reflectors), Dave offered to transport the cart to the seller for repairs and to secure the missing reflectors. The inspector agreed to wait for Dave to come back rather than reschedule the appointment. Dave drove over an hour to the seller and back to the inspector. The inspector passed the cart. Dave saved the inspection, and had my cart repaired. He is kind, professional, extremely knowledgable and very reasonable. I highly recommend Dave and AAI transport. Vanessa Puyplat


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